How to cope with grief

Coping with grief

Talking and sharing your feelings with someone can help - Please don’t go through bereavement alone.

For some people, relying on family and friends is the best way to cope. But sometimes it's difficult to talk - perhaps they are not close, or they're grieving too, and possibly with very different feelings.

Our bereavement counsellors can give time and space to talk about feelings and about the person who has died -  relationships, family, work, fears and the future. 

Bereaved people should not be afraid to talk about the person who has died, as this can cause isolation, loneliness, depression and many other emotional and behavioural problems. 

Anniversaries and special occasions like birthdays can be hard.  Try to arrange something special for yourself.

Bereaved people should do whatever  needs to be done to get through the day. This might be taking a day off work or doing something that reminds them of that person, such as taking a favourite walk.
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