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Paulo Pimentel is a Psychotherapist who specialises in bereavement and trauma. He is the Co-ordinator of BBS, a charity supporting those effected by sudden and traumatic death and loss, often resulting from murder, suicide and other sudden deaths, provided by 35+ volunteer counsellors; he trains in bereavement awareness, group support; the affects of terrorism and trauma; and provides supervision for specialist services. In the past Paulo was the Project Director of Survivors of Terrorism, providing assistance for victims of terrorism in the United Kingdom. He also managed the 7th July Assistance Centre – the only dedicated independent service for victims of the London attacks of 2005. He has been a tutor on counselling & psychotherapy courses and continues to provide training in supporting bereaved adults, children & young people and those affected by terrorism for psychotherapists, schools, voluntary agencies, health and social services staff. Paulo has spoken at many UK and international conferences and seminars on his experience, knowledge and ways to improve support services for the bereaved and survivors of terrorism and other disasters. He project manages individually funded schemes, and organizes & facilitates seminars, conferences and group support meetings.

Raksha Patel has been BBS’ administrator for over 20 years. She has extensive knowledge of issues related to bereavement and loss, and experience of co-ordinating the allocation of clients to appropriate counsellors. 

Anna Gray
Lawrence Tierney
Susan Wertheim
Usha Neelakantan
Ornela Ruci
Maria Regis
Lilliana Scott
Barbara Finch -Supervisor
Lydia Khalil - Trustee & Counsellor's Rep
Mirek Polanowski -Supervisor
Sepideh Khosravani
Jacob Choi
Arpita Ghoshal
Pauline Pachucki
Elisa Bianco
Celia Feeney
Shammi Kohli
Paulo & Marlene speaking at a Help A Capital Child fundraiser
Vanessa Abraham  -  Thoraya Alkasab  -  Elisa Bianco  -  Jacob Choi  -  
Nora Dermendzhiyska  -  Beth Duru  -  Celia Feeney  -  Arpita Ghosal  -  
Kirstin Gillespie  -  Anna Gray  -  Mathew Greenshields  -  Shiri Gurvitz
Amelia Haluska  -  Helen Hawkins  -  Jacqueline Hutson  -  Etty Kanzen   
Lydia Khalil  -  Rounaque Khalique   -  Sepideh Khosravani  -  Sharmila Kohli
Tina McKay  -  Kathleen Moffat  -  Masiha Murshed  -  Usha Neelakantan   -  
Pauline Pachucki  -  Parviz Rajani  -  Maria Regis   -  Ornela Ruci -  Teresa Solano
Liliana Scott   -  Lawrence Tierney - Rebecca Wells  -  Susan Wertheim   

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