What our clients say

Our outcomes: 
  • Better mental & physical health
  • Reduced use of health & social services
  • Increased understanding of personal issues
  • Better relationships with family & friends
  • Increased awareness of choices
  • Increased ability to work 
  • Increased ability to cope with other bereaved family and friends
  • Empowered individuals and families
  • Social cohesion & more understanding and supportive community

quotes by some of our clients

"My counsellor helped me cope when life was not worth living"
"Thank you for your help - talking really does help"
"My mother asked me to write to thank you. She is back to being able to do many things she just couldn't before"
"Life is so much better now. Thank you"
"I can't believe how much your counsellor has helped me to see life in a different way"
"I don't need sleeping pills anymore - thanks"
"Everyone should have counselling!"
"Simply, thank you"
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